Charity Tracker is the easiest way for organizations to collaborate, reduce fraud, and focus their resources on people with real needs. Because it is easy to learn and use, agencies have no problem keeping track of who is getting help in the community.

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Established in 2009, the Community Services Organization (CSO) is a countywide initiative that brings together government agencies, independent faith-based and nonprofit organizations in Beaufort County under the direction of a unifying authority to track emergency assistance.

The mission of this group is to bring about coordinated communication, accountability measures and tracking information, and a collaborative, efficient service environment in Beaufort County.

The CSO has attracted a growing number of community and non-profit groups to the meeting table to discuss programs and services available in Beaufort County.
A good example of what that collaboration has produced is an inaugural Thanksgiving food distribution which is being coordinated through the group to avoid duplication
of services.

The CSO meets every third Wednesday of the month at the Salvation Army on North Street, Beaufort. Meetings begin at 1 p.m.